Electrical plug
Electric plug with wire
ПВС — a wire with twisted copper conductors with PVC insulation and a PVC sheath, flexible, designed for voltages up to 400 V. Interpretation of the designation of PVA: “P” – wire; “B” – insulation and sheath made of PVC compound (vinyl); “C” – connecting. As a conductive core, the Magnetic company uses only a copper core with a full cross section. We do not use a lowered section and do not use copper-plated aluminum.
Our specialty is power cords for household appliances
Electric Plug Properties Magnetik™
The DCL group PVA cable is made from a conductive copper core with a cross section from 0.75 to 2.5 mm. The cable insulation and sheath are made of PVC compound.
DCL group has its own production of plastic compound ТМ “HARVYNIL” due to this we strictly control the quality of insulation and shell, we can change their properties (flexibility, elasticity) according to customer requirements.
Using, our PVC cable and PVC compound DCL group produces a plug electric plug.
A distinctive feature is the full cycle of our production, which provides strict control at every stage of the manufacture of our products as well as the matching colors of the electric plug and wire.
Our advantages
Full production cycle
More than 20 000 м2 production facilities
Ability to order small batches
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